Jimmy Brothers, President, International Code Council
ICC Board President Jimmy Brothers
Jimmy Brothers, President, International Code Council
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Dear Friends:

With a great deal of humility and gratefulness, it was my privilege to have been elected ICC Board President at our Annual Conference in Charlotte, North Carolina, earlier this fall. I can’t adequately describe how it felt to be with my family, colleagues and fellow members during this memorable time.  But I do know that this is a time for me to listen closely and provide the support to our membership and our mission that will truly make a difference.

During my acceptance remarks, I used a football analogy to challenge all of us to “throw deep” and be prepared to catch the ball that is our future.  Our jurisdictions, our businesses and our organizations continue to face challenges brought about by our troubled economy. At the same time, there is an expectation that our mission to develop the best codes to promote a safer world will continue without pause. This means that we will continue to stretch, to reach and to pursue new solutions and better ways to achieve our goals.

However we also cannot be successful unless we commit to working through different points of view and being open to different approaches. That is why I will seek opportunities to meet with our members from every discipline. I will also work to demonstrate how our mission includes sustainability as a necessary component of building safe communities, how it must address the needs of industry as well as government, and how it must include the participation of people from every spectrum of our industry and society.

The coming 12 months promise to be exciting ones for the Code Council.  The Board will finalize a 2011 budget later this month, we will move forward on the review of our code development process, the International Green Construction Code (IGCC) code development and final action hearings will take place, we will renew our focus on our accessibility provisions, and continue with the formation of new chapters and more adoptions of our codes.

Past President Ron Lynn, along with the rest of your Board, the Code Council staff, and the many volunteers who support our work, have set an excellent pace.  The momentum is evident.  Let’s move forward together to score many more points!

Best wishes during this holiday season.

Jimmy Brothers
President, ICC Board of Directors

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